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Katherine Woodward, originally from Estonia, has been teaching Ballroom and Latin Dancing in Sarasota for the last fifteen years. She moved to Sarasota from NYC where she was dancing since 1987.


Katherine learned NY Hustle during her dancing years in NYC, which became one of the favorite dances for many of her students. She now has been teaching NY Hustle in Sarasota for many years. A number of her former dance students became fabulous Hustle dancers and you can often see them dancing and pleasing the eye at dancing scenes in Sarasota.


When Argentine Tango became a strong hit in dance communities everywhere in the world, Katherine fell in love with the dance and passionately dedicated time to learn Tango from the best masters in NYC, the Tampa Bay area, and those Argentinean Masters who were touring and teaching around our country.














Belly dance is another passion that helped Katherine to become an accomplished Belly Dancer and express her world through authentic, exotic movements and the unique depth of Middle Eastern music.


Katherine is also a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor.  She teaches classes at Bath and Racquet Fitness Club and other facilities in Sarasota. 


 Katherine is a member of NGH since 1996 and provides services as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist: 


Katherine is a knowledgeable instructor dedicated to her students and to the principles of excellence in her career.



941. 266 4402
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