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 Your Health is your #1 priority!

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Yoga & Pilates Classes with Katherine will:

Boost your immune system,  

   Enhance your health and vitality now and for the rest of your life!

Everyone can do this practice regardless of your

                            physical training.

Katherine's classes will help you to reduce stress and fatigue, tone your body, keep you young and vibrant, maintain your good looks and a sharp                                 mind for many years.

941. 266 4402

You will be able to enjoy yourself, your family, your children and grandchildren to the fullest by keeping fit physically and emotionally.


Classes are instructed through Zoom.

Tuesday, Thursday 10:30 am, Saturday 12:00 noon

$10.00 p/class

As a Certified Pilates and Yoga instructor Katherine Woodward has been teaching classes for more than 15 years in the well-known fitness clubs in Sarasota and in private settings. At present time she is teaching at newly opened EOS Fitness Club along with instructing Zoom sessions from her home studio.
             For the info about the Zoom link and payment methods please
       contact Katherine at: 

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