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Katherine Woodward

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Member of National Guild of Hypnotists since 1996.

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Well, you are looking at my website because you have made a decision to change something in your personality, may be in your believes, or your behavior, and ultimately in your life at the present time. 


This is the first step to a new you. Or, maybe to an old you, that you have lost as a result of life circumstances and now want to get it back!


If you already have picked up the phone and called me, then 50% of work is done.


Motivational Hypnosis can occur under two conditions:

  1. Your strong desire and willingness to bring positive change into your life by using powerful tool of Hypnotherapy.


2. Guidance of a skilled hypnotist in entering the hypnotic state and remaining in this state until the beneficial suggestion has been given and received.


Your session with me will be based on the following notion:

Hypnosis is guided and carefully chosen process of learning to focus, remember, think, understand and experience ideas and events, to help you achieve a healthier, more balanced and satisfying state of life.


After having a pre-talk with you in my office, I will get a clear idea of what kind of suggestion should be given to you.


This suggestion has to correspond to an emotional urge within you.

Our goal is for you to enter and maintain the state of Hypnosis,

and to ensure that this suggestion will exert its maximum influence

for as long as you need it.  


     I will guide you through the path you have already chosen.


At the end of your session when you are back to your natural state of mind, you will feel refreshed and relaxed. You will feel strong and confident. 

You will feel good about yourself and about the world around you.


You will look forward to the next day, knowing that you are a winner!

941. 266 4402

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